NHL esports Player Power-Rankings

May 2019

RANK PLAYER ID  TDIBonesSleevesSaadOohwayy
2CanadaYung GrenUp+222212
7USATop Shelf CookieUp+157777

NR* means the player was not ranked in the previous month’s Power Rankings

To create these power rankings, each of the staff members independently puts together their version of what the Top 15 should look like. Those are submitted and a point total is assigned to each player based on their rank. The player ranked first is given 15 points, second gets 14, third gets 13 and so on down to No. 15, which gets one point. Any player on this list that did not appear in a writers’ Top 15 is shown as rank #16 and received zero points. These points are totaled and sorted to create the list that you see above.


1. Erik “Eki” Tammenpää

Last Month: #2

Eki is back on top of the world ahead of the 2019 NHL Gaming World Championship. This month he booked his ticket to the European Regional Qualifier after breezing through the first five rounds of the Online Play-in bracket. He was dominant during the leaderboard stage where he went a perfect 25-0 and was undefeated until he met fellow Finn, Hansulinho, in the finals. He’s the definite favorite to qualify for the Grand Finals in June and we’re excited to see him make another dominant run next week.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/20/2019Team Sampi2019 NHL GWC - EU Online Qualifier (XB1)10822nd

2. Matthew “Yung Gren” Grenier

Last Month: #4

Gren bounced back this month after a tough March where he failed to win either of the two NHL team tournaments. Of course, a 2nd place finish in the Chicago tournament isn’t bad by most standards, but being the player he is, Gren should expect to win just about every tournament he plays in. He went a perfect 9-0 in the Canadian Xbox online qualifier and locked up the top seed heading into Regionals. However, if he wants to go to Vegas again, he’ll likely have to go through his arch-rival ‘Joshfearless’ in the semi-finals.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/27/2019Simplicity2019 NHL GWC - CA Online Qualifier (XB1)9901st

3. John Wayne “Johnwaynee90” Casagranda

Last Month: #6

John had another great online qualifier and finished 2nd only to the red-hot ‘Top Shelf Cookie’. This sweetheart from Alaska has been one of the best NHL 19 players all year, but to add to his already impressive stack of esports winnings, he’ll likely have to go through a familiar foe in ‘JrPens’. If he’s able to make it through, he’ll have a leg up on his fellow North Americans, having played and beaten a couple of the best Finnish players in the world, ‘Kriketsi’ and ‘Hansulinho’, during his win of the Bolts Chel Challenge in earlier this year.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

05/04/2019LeagueGaming2019 NHL GWC - US Online Qualifier (XB1)11832nd

4. Joshua “Joshfearless” D’Eri

Last Month: #5

Josh is one of the players that has constantly improved over the course of the year. Last month he won his first NHL team tournament of the year, and he’s currently playing the best NHL of his career. He’ll be a fun player to watch during the Canadian qualifiers, but he’ll have to clutch up and go through ‘Yung Gren’ if he wants to go to Las Vegas.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/27/2019Lazarus2019 NHL GWC - CA Online Qualifier (PS4)9722nd

5. Justin “Regs” Reguly

Last Month: #1

Arguably the best player throughout the NHL 19 esports season, Regs was a victim of the Best-of-1 format of the online qualifier. He fell just short in the 5th round to the underdog from Quebec, ‘xDubz’ and was eliminated from the 2019 NHL GWC. It’s extremely unfortunate that we won’t be seeing one of the most dominant players in the biggest tournament of the year. Regardless though, Regs has done pretty well for himself, having won over $10,000 from NHL team tournaments alone.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/27/2019Simplicity2019 NHL GWC - CA Online Qualifier (XB1)5415th

6. David “JrPens” Roebuck

Last Month: #7

JrPens is still the best player in the world to not win an NHL esports tournament. This past month he won the PS4 US online qualifier and should make it to the 2nd round at least. However, he’ll have to figure out Johnwaynee if he wants to go back to Vegas this summer. If there’s any player that this year’s tournament favors though, it’s JrPens. He’s a very experienced HUT player and he’ll be using his analytical mindset to draft his team to his strengths more than anybody else.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

05/04/2019Lazarus2019 NHL GWC - US Online Qualifier (PS4)9901st

7. Matthew “Top Shelf Cookie” Gutkoski

Last Month: #8

Cookie has been on fire ever since he won the CBJ NHL 19 Tournament last month. This month, he followed his win with a dominant performance in the US Xbox online qualifier, beating reigning US champ, Johnwaynee, to grab the #1 seed heading into Regionals. Because of his #1 seed, he’s now got arguably the easiest path to Vegas, having to go through two opponents that have collectively won $0 total in NHL esports this year. He’s also the nicest human being we’ve ever met, so he definitely deserves it too.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

05/04/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - US Online Qualifier (XB1)11921st

8. Kristian “Kriketsi” Veijola

Last Month: #13

Kriketsi and the rest of the Finns were finally able to compete in NHL esports again this month, and it looks like he used his time off wisely. In a stacked online qualifier bracket, he took down a bunch of top EU players on PS4 to punch his ticket to Stockholm as the #1 seed. It’s a bit unlucky for him though that last year’s world champion, Eki, finished in 2nd place on the Xbox side. This sets up a potentially heavyweight semi-final matchup between the two fantastic Finns for a spot in Las Vegas.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/20/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - EU Online Qualifier (PS4)10911st

9. Josh “HockeyKings” Fuss

Last Month: #3

HK is another one of the top players in the world to fall victim to the Best-of-1 format of the online qualifiers. More often than not, he would have beaten fellow American ‘NJD3VS’, but this time he fell short in the 5th and deciding round and will not appear in the 2019 NHL GWC. Nonetheless, HK has a lot to be proud of this year, having won the Chicago Blackhawks tournament, and placing 2nd in both Columbus and Detroit. Let’s hope he takes a much-needed break before NHL 20 launches so that he can come out swinging in September.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

05/04/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - US Online Qualifier (XB1)5415th

10. Harley “Sitful” Sitko

Last Month: NR*

Sitful has been winning NHL games for a long time, and he’s played more games of NHL 19 than anyone else on this list. If these power rankings were Top 20, he would have made the list each and every month. However, it was this past month that set him apart. He became one of three Canadians that will be returning to the Regionals along with ‘Yung Gren’ and ‘Jer Dubz’. He’s been flying under the radar this year, but is not a one-hit wonder. He already placed 2nd in the Minnesota tournament, and there aren’t many people that Sitful can’t beat in a Best-of-3 series when he’s on his game. His #3 seed in the Regionals has actually helped him avoid the two best Canadian players (Gren and Josh), so he could be a dark-horse to make it to Vegas.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/27/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - CA Online Qualifier (PS4)10733rd

11. Paul “PleeMaker” Arontie

Last Month: NR*

This mysterious hooded figure is actually just a young Finnish boy that happens to be really good at virtual hockey. PleeMaker has had a pretty underwhelming season so far, but he stepped up when it really mattered. After a couple of unsuccessful qualification runs during the Bolts Chel Challenge, he finally made his mark on NHL 19 esports and qualified for the 2019 NHL GWC. He didn’t make it easy on himself though, having to beat the relatively unknown #110th seed ‘rubitusss’ in a stressful 5th round OT game. With his #2 seed at Regionals, he avoids playing his good pal Eki and #1 seed Kriketsi on his path to Vegas.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/20/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - EU Online Qualifier (PS4)9722nd

12. Michael “Miviens” Viens

Last Month: #9

Miviens is the third and final player on this list that did not qualify for the 2019 NHL GWC. Once again, he made it all the way to the 5th round (beating fellow Quebecois player, ‘Canadiens’) only to fall short to the Beast from Barrie, Sitful. Nonetheless, we all congratulate Mivs on a great NHL 19 esports season where he came 2nd to Regs in Winnipeg and won his hometown Montreal’s tournament. It’s sad we won’t be seeing his electric personality and pre-game push-up ritual at Regionals, but I’m sure he’ll have a fine off-season full of beers and beaches.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/27/2019Mirage2019 NHL GWC - CA Online Qualifier (PS4)5415th

13. Hannes “Hansulinho” Kettunen

Last Month: NR*

Like Sitful, Hansu has flown under the radar all season long. He finally turned things around after dominating the EU Xbox qualifier, taking down reigning world champ ‘Eki’ in the process. Hansu has proven that Eki is human, and we may see them go at it again if they meet in the Regional finals for the #1 seed and a crisp $5,000 prize.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

04/20/2019SJK esports2019 NHL GWC - EU Online Qualifier (XB1)10911st

14. Charles “NippinBiscuits” Ferris

Last Month: NR*

After a disappointing 7th-place performance in the Caps esports Face-off, it seemed like Nippin was a one-hit-wonder. His unorthodox ‘manual goalie’ play-style seemed to hurt him a lot and he looked like a fish out of water against guys like Regs and Eki. Fast-forward a few months later, and all of a sudden, he’s going to the US Regionals. Either he got lucky again, or he finally mastered the art of the manual goalie. If it’s the latter, his 1st-round opponent ‘Top Shelf Cookie’ will have to adjust his play-style on the fly if he wants to get past Nippin who will be playing on his home turf.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

05/04/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - US Online Qualifier (PS4)11744th

15. Brendan “McLxvinn” Reed

Last Month: NR*

McLxvinn is best known for his play in competitive EASHL, but clearly skill transfers to any game-mode across NHL 19. He’s got no pressure on him, but that doesn’t mean he’s a write-off. His first-round matchup is a toss-up and if he can draft his team well, he could set himself up for a big performance at the Regionals later this month.

Tournament Results (April 2019)

05/04/2019N/A2019 NHL GWC - US Online Qualifier (PS4)10732nd


  • Jérémie “Jer Dubz” Dubé
  • Samuel “Canadiens” Landry
  • Ryan “Bouch” Bouchard
  • Joonas “SUPERVIRTA” Virta