NHL esports Player Power-Rankings

March 2019

RANK PLAYER ID  TDIBonesKenuSleevesOohwayySaad
3CanadaYung Gren334333

NR* means the player was not ranked in the previous month’s Power Rankings

To create these power rankings, each of the staff members independently puts together their version of what the Top 15 should look like. Those are submitted and a point total is assigned to each player based on their rank. The player ranked first is given 15 points, second gets 14, third gets 13 and so on down to No. 15, which gets one point. Any player on this list that did not appear in a writers’ Top 15 is shown as rank #16 and received zero points. These points are totaled and sorted to create the list that you see above.


1. Justin “Regs84” Reguly

Last Month: #2

Ladies & gentlemen: the Age of Regs has officially begun. This humble young stud from Thunder Bay, ON just pulled off one of the most impressive months in the history of NHL esports. Within the span of five days, he won $5,000 CAD in Winnipeg, packed his bags, flew southeast to Washington, D.C., and then won another $5,000 (USD this time) seemingly without breaking a sweat. Oh, and don’t forget that he was one win away from qualifying for the finals of the Minnesota Wild tournament too. Regs’ ability to adapt to his opponent’s play-style while using the default in-game strategies is unheard-of, and he solidified his name at the top of our list after beating the previously ranked #1 player in the world, Eki, in the finals of the Caps esports Faceoff.

Tournament Results (February 2019)

02/02/2019SimplicityWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)7613rd$0
02/10/2019SimplicityWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (PS4)8621st$0
02/18/2019SimplicityWinnipeg Jets NHL 19 Tournament - Finals5321st$3,462
02/22/2019SimplicityCaps esports Faceoff - Finals6511st$5,000

2. Erik “i_Eki_i” Tammenpää

Last Month: #1

Let’s flashback to last month’s power rankings, when we said this:

Eki is the best NHL 19 player in the world right now. But the gap is closing between himself and our pick for #2.

That gap closed much faster than we thought, with Regs and Eki swapping the top spots this month. We’ve seen so much greatness from Regs that it overshadowed Eki’s dominance throughout the Caps esports Faceoff. Eki still has an incredibly strong track-record seeing as his two losses to Regs were the only two losses he’s had all year during esports tournaments. As the 2019 NHL GWC announcement looms, we’re all expecting Eki to repeat his dominance in this year’s tournament.

Tournament Results (February 2019)

02/22/2019Team SampiCaps esports Faceoff - Finals5322nd$3,000

3. Matthew “Yung Gren” Grenier

Last Month: #3

The kid is still elite. Along with Regs and Johnwaynee, Yung Gren is now a 2x NHL esports champion and has a perfect win-ratio in the esports tournaments that he was eligible to compete in this year. Last month he swept DaddyPadre to win the Leafs Gaming League, and he followed that up by going undefeated in all nine games he played throughout the Wild Gaming Tournament. Gren also made strides to improve himself on a personal level this month by owning up to his past unsportsmanlike conduct in a long and well thought out Tweet. Here’s hoping that he continues to show his personality after scoring disgusting goals while he matures as a person.

Tournament Results (February 2019)

02/03/2019SimplicityWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)7701st$0
02/18/2019SimplicityWild Gaming Tournament - Finals (PS4)2201st$2,500

4. John Wayne “Johnwaynee90” Casagranda

Last Month: #14

Up ten spots from last month’s power rankings, Johnwaynee wins the fictional award for ‘Most Improved NHL 19 Player’ in February. From struggling to qualify for the Caps esports Faceoff and ineligible to qualify for Winnipeg, to absolutely dominating both Tampa and Detroit, Johnwaynee became the third 2x NHL esports champion this year. In sunny Tampa Bay, he represented an entire continent and beat three of the best European players. In frigid Detroit, he fought through the randomness of a Best-of-1 bracket to beat one of the best young players, HK_OFs. His monthly winnings totaled an even $10,000 USD – but for all we know though, he could’ve doubled them all at the roulette table the morning after.

Tournament Results (February 2019)

02/02/2019LeagueGamingBolts Chel Challenge - Qualifier9814th$0
02/16/2019LeagueGamingBolts Chel Challenge - Finals6421st$5,000
02/24/2019LeagueGamingRed Wings esports Faceoff - Finals4401st$5,000

5. Joshua “Joshfearless” D’Eri

Last Month: #4

February was more of the same for Josh as he continued to grind out wins but fell just short when it mattered. He continues to make deep runs in both event qualifiers and finals, but he seems to lack what it takes to push him to a championship. For what it’s worth though, he only seems to lose to guys that are currently ranked higher than him on this list. Let’s hope he continues to study the game and learn from his mistakes so that he can see his name on one of those comically oversized cheques soon.

Tournament Results (February 2019)

02/02/2019LazarusWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)6515th$0
02/03/2019LazarusWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)7701st$0
02/10/2019LazarusWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (PS4)12752nd$385
02/18/2019LazarusWild Gaming Tournament - Finals (PS4)2022nd$1,200
02/22/2019LazarusCaps esports Faceoff - Finals4224th$0

6. Josh “HK_OFs” Fuss

Last Month: #8

HK should definitely be considered to be a household name now, and he would have been the player of the month if he was able to win at least one championship. He qualified for the finals of two tournaments, and just missed the finals for the other two he competed in. Unfortunately he was unable to attend the Winnipeg Jets finals, and so Miviens had to replace him. His aggressive play style and ability to score seemingly at will makes him a threat to anyone that steps on the virtual ice against him. Look for him to be one of the new faces that make the American qualifier of the 2019 NHL GWC.

Career Tournament Results

02/02/2019N/ACaps esports Faceoff - Qualifier 4131123rd$0
02/03/2019N/AWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)7613rd$0
02/04/2019N/ARed Wings esports Faceoff - Qualifier 76601st$0
02/09/2019N/AWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (XB1)8621st$0
02/24/2019N/ARed Wings esports Faceoff - Finals4312nd$2,000

7. Michael “miviens” Viens

Last Month: #9

There’s no denying that Miviens is one of the best players in the world, but this month he has a couple of other players to thank in part for his jump up the list. He finished 3rd in the Winnipeg Jets closed qualifier, but since both 1st place HK_OFs and 2nd place EthanF74 were unable to attend the finals, he stepped up and gave Regs an awesome Best-of-5 series before ultimately falling short. He bounced back in his home province by winning the Montreal Canadiens invitational tournament and looks to be a top contender to make the Canadian qualifier of the 2019 NHL GWC.

Career Tournament Results

02/09/2019MirageWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (XB1)9543rd$0
02/18/2019MirageWinnipeg Jets NHL 19 Tournament - Finals5232nd$1,538
02/23/2019MirageMontreal Canadiens NHL 19 Tournament5501st$769

8. Samuel “Canadiens” Landry

Last Month: #12

After an impressive run at the Caps esports Faceoff, Canadiens has solidified himself as one of the best players in the world. With his losses in that event coming consecutively to the top two players in the world, Canadiens has to be proud of his performance this month. He’s an incredibly gifted player, but he needs to figure out ways to change his game on-the-fly so that he can contend with the very best.

Career Tournament Results

02/02/2019AB Titan GamingCaps esports Faceoff - Qualifier 46601st$0
02/10/2019AB Titan GamingWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (PS4)9543rd$0
02/22/2019AB Titan GamingCaps esports Faceoff - Finals5323rd$2,000

9. Kristian “Kriketsi17” Veijola

Last Month: #15

Kriketsi, who finished 3rd in the Finnish Championships last year, seemingly came out of nowhere and has shown everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with. He put together an impressive 2nd place finish in Tampa Bay after a narrow loss to Johnwaynee in the finals. His performance in the Tampa qualifiers alone should have put him on the maps of all North American players after going undefeated against the best in the world.

Career Tournament Results

02/02/2019N/ABolts Chel Challenge - Qualifier6602nd$0
02/16/2019N/ABolts Chel Challenge - Finals5322nd$3,000

10. Ryan “Bouch” Bouchard

Last Month: N/A

He was ‘on the bubble’ last month, but now Bouch is making his first appearance on our list after a strong February where he took home the 1st place prize at the Minnesota Wild Gaming tournament. Bouch seems to fly under the radar and is one of the most underrated players on this list. He’s also the only member of his org, Lazarus, to win a major NHL esports tournament this year.

Career Tournament Results

02/02/2019LazarusWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)7701st$0
02/18/2019LazarusWild Gaming Tournament - Finals (XB1)2201st$2,500

11. David “JrPens” Roebuck

Last Month: #5

JrPens is another player that has struggled to pull out big wins when it matters. He’s always good for an appearance in the Top 5 of any event, but when glory is within reach, it tends to slip through his fingers. He is one of the best defensive players in the world, but when it comes to putting the puck in the net, he often relies on peppering the goalie rather than generating high-quality chances. We can be sure that JrPens will continue to place well in any event he plays in, but he’ll need to take home a championship to move up the list.

Career Tournament Results

02/03/2019LazarusWild Gaming Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)6515th$0
02/10/2019LazarusWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (PS4)8445th$0
02/24/2019LazarusRed Wings esports Faceoff - Finals3213rd$1,000

12. Henrik “eken45jr” Eklund

Last Month: #6

Eken is quite possibly the best player in the world when it comes to using the back skate, or ‘LT’. He lost to ‘Canadiens’ twice in overtime at the Caps esports Faceoff, and was the second guy after Eki to make it to the tournament from the qualifiers. As with all European players, it’s hard to place him higher on this list because he’s only had one opportunity to play in a major NHL esports tournament this year, but from what we’ve seen, he’s easily the best Swedish NHL 19 player right now.

Career Tournament Results

02/22/2019N/ACaps esports Faceoff - Finals3125th$0

13. Aaro “xDoumi” Ruuhinen

Last Month: N/A

No one in Europe was surprised to see one of the best players in Finland qualifying for the finals of the Bolts Chel Challenge. He lost to ‘Johnwaynee‘ by a narrow margin in the semifinals, and then beat his fellow countryman ‘Hansulinho‘ for 3rd place. From what little we’ve seen from Doumi, he’s been very impressive thus far and we’re expecting big things from him heading into the 2019 NHL GWC.

Career Tournament Results

02/02/2019N/ABolts Chel Challenge - Qualifier7613rd$0
02/16/2019N/ABolts Chel Challenge - Finals6333rd$1,500

14. Brian “Keso_Paghuni” Donald

Last Month: #7

Keso took a step backwards this month after an impressive January where he beat a ton of top players from both NA and EU. He had disappointing finishes in both the Winnipeg and Washington events, where he only won 40% of his games. As one of the oldest NHL esports players, he’s gonna have to adjust his game to beat the youngsters that have recently burst onto the scene and ahead of him on this list.

Career Tournament Results

02/10/2019N/AWinnipeg Jets Tournament - Closed Qualifier (PS4)8445th$0
02/22/2019N/ACaps esports Faceoff - Finals2027th$0

15. Roni “MrNipsuli” Kaján

Last Month: #10

MrNipsuli had a tough showing in the first game of the Caps esports Faceoff, losing 0-8 to Joshfearless, but he bounced back in the losers bracket beating Keso_Paghuni 2-1. Unfortunately, Nipsuli had to face Josh again the following game and was eliminated after losing 3-5. Although he wasn’t able to get his game going in Washington, he still deserves a spot on the list because of how impressive it was for him to make it to the finals through the second qualifier.

Career Tournament Results

02/22/2019N/ACaps esports Faceoff - Finals3125th$0


  • Harley “Sitful” Sitko
  • Hannes “Hansulinho” Kettunen
  • Tyler “DaddyPadre” Stewart
  • Ethan “EthanF74” Francis
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