NHL esports Player Power-Rankings

April 2019

RANK PLAYER ID  TDIBonesSleevesOohwayySaadVirta
4CanadaYung GrenDown-1444444
8USATop Shelf CookieUpNR*9897616

NR* means the player was not ranked in the previous month’s Power Rankings

To create these power rankings, each of the staff members independently puts together their version of what the Top 15 should look like. Those are submitted and a point total is assigned to each player based on their rank. The player ranked first is given 15 points, second gets 14, third gets 13 and so on down to No. 15, which gets one point. Any player on this list that did not appear in a writers’ Top 15 is shown as rank #16 and received zero points. These points are totaled and sorted to create the list that you see above.


1. Justin “Regs” Reguly

Last Month: #1

Regs followed up on his incredible February with another strong month in March. Although not as dominant, Regs still placed in the Top 3 of each event he played in. During the Blue Jackets’ tournament qualifier, he fell to the newcomer on this list, and hometown favourite, ‘Top Shelf Cookie’. The following week, he fell to ‘Joshfearless’, in the finals of the Blackhawks tournament, but still took home the 2nd place cash prize. He heads into April almost $2,000 richer and looks primed to qualify for the Canadian leg of the NHL Gaming World Championship once again. He won 24 of his 25 games and finished at the top of the Week 2 leaderboard of Online Open Play.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/23/2019SimplicityCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)6422nd$500
03/30/2019Simplicity2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Qualifier (PS4)6601st$0
03/31/2019Simplicity2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Finals (PS4)3122nd$1,250

2. Erik “Eki” Tammenpää

Last Month: #2

Although he hasn’t been able to compete in any of the March tournaments, Eki still ranks 2nd overall simply because he hasn’t given any of us a reason not to rank him this high. It’s really unfortunate that NHL teams seem unable or unwilling to allow European players to compete in their tournaments. Sure, it’s great for the rankings and the wallets of North American players, but these tournaments have just felt a little empty without the likes of Eki in the mix. So what did Eki do with his free time in March? He casually bought an Xbox, built an insane HUT team, and went undefeated during the 2nd week of NHL GWC Online Open Play qualifiers. At this point, he’s almost a shoe-in to return to the European regional qualifier of the NHL GWC next month.

Tournament Results (March 2019)


3. Josh “HockeyKings” Fuss

Last Month: #6

The kid just keeps climbing up this list. He followed up his awesome month of February with an even better March. In the span of three days, he qualified for the finals of the Blackhawks tournament, beat ‘Yung Gren’ to win it the following day, then packed his bags, flew to Columbus, and won another $2,500 as the runner-up to Top Shelf Cookie. He’s insanely creative offensively but has to clean up his defensive play if he wants to make a deep run in the NHL GWC this year. He qualified for the Online Play-in bracket in the first week, but only had 19 wins. This may put him in a tougher side of the bracket than he might have wanted. I don’t think he’s worried about it though. He’s shown everyone that he can beat just about anyone in the world this year.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/24/2019N/ACBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)5501st$0
03/30/2019N/A2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Qualifier (XB1)6601st$0
03/31/2019N/A2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Finals (XB1)2201st$2,500
04/01/2019N/ACBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Finals4132nd$2,500

4. Matthew “Yung Gren” Grenier

Last Month: #3

By his own standards, Gren seemed to struggle this month. He wasn’t able to place very well in either of the CBJ tournament qualifiers, and he fell just short during the Chicago tournament to the kid who leapfrogged him in the standings this month. I’m sure he’s learned by now that he’s not unbeatable, especially through a Best-of-1 bracket. He’s got to clutch up and fight through inevitable bad bounces if he wants to qualify for the GWC next month. Finishing just behind ‘Regs’ in Week 2 of online qualifiers, he should be able to avoid most of the top players in Canada until the last few rounds of the Online Play-in bracket. Let’s hope he maintains his confidence going into the most important time of the year.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/23/2019SimplicityCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)5324th$0
03/24/2019SimplicityCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)4225th$0
03/30/2019Simplicity2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Qualifier (XB1)6601st$0
03/31/2019Simplicity2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Finals (XB1)2022nd$1,250

5. Joshua “Joshfearless” D’Eri

Last Month: #5

He actually did it. After winning the Blackhawks NHL 19 tournament this month, Josh can finally toss that monkey off his back. With a couple of grand in his pocket and a bit of momentum going into NHL GWC online qualifiers, Josh is a huge threat to Canadian PS4 players wanting to qualify for regionals. He’s also got an explosive personality that would be great to showcase during the world’s biggest NHL 19 tournament. Let’s hope he continues his awesome defensive play next month during the most important games of his life.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/24/2019LazarusCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)5325th$0
03/30/2019Lazarus2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Qualifier (PS4)5501st$0
03/31/2019Lazarus2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Finals (PS4)3211st$2,500

6. John Wayne “Johnwaynee90” Casagranda

Last Month: #4

John had the chance to become a 3x NHL 19 champion but ultimately fell short in what was a very quiet month for him. He placed 3rd in the CBJ tournament qualifier and then didn’t even place in the Top 8 of the Chicago qualifiers. He’s also been slowly building his HUT team by purposely placing outside the Top 32 in NHL GWC qualifiers. John should be a no-brainer to qualify in Week 4, but his overall lack of activity this month was the main reason for his slight drop down this list.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/24/2019LeagueGamingCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)5323rd$0

7. David “JrPens” Roebuck

Last Month: #11

JrPens is the best player in the world to not win an NHL esports tournament. Since 2018, he has consistently placed high in almost every event. The one thing that continues to elude him is that much-needed tournament victory. This month he fell just short in the CBJ tournament, losing in the finals of the Xbox online qualifier to eventual runner-up ‘HK_OFs’. He was still able to take home $500, but if he wants to become a Top 5 player in the world, he has to repeat his Cinderella run to the 2018 NHL GWC finals in this year’s tournament.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/24/2019LazarusCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (XB1)8622nd$500

8. Matthew “Top Shelf Cookie” Gutkoski

Last Month: NR*

Cookie finally proved to everyone this month that he’s got what it takes to win games on the main stage. Maybe it was because it was his hometown team running the tournament, or because he’s a versus master with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Either way, Cookie has chosen a perfect time to peak going into the biggest tournament of the year. Don’t forget that he finished 3rd in the American regional qualifiers in last year’s NHL GWC. As one of the best players in the US this season, no one should be surprised if they’re watching him on the big screen in Las Vegas representing his country and playing for $50,000.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/23/2019N/ACBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)5501st$0
03/30/2019N/A2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Qualifier (XB1)5415th$0
04/01/2019N/ACBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Finals4311st$5,000

9. Michael “Miviens” Viens

Last Month: #7

Seems like Miviens took some much-needed time off this month after a couple big performances in February. This may just be him turning his focus entirely on the NHL GWC, which is definitely a good idea, but compared to most of the other North American players this month, he had a very quiet month. He placed 3rd in the 1st week of GWC online qualifiers, which sets him up for a Top 10 overall finish in the standings. It’s certain that he won’t let anyone forget about him in April, so we’re all expecting a big performance in the Online Play-in bracket later this month.

Tournament Results (March 2019)


10. Aaro “Doumi” Ruuhinen

Last Month: #13

Along with his fellow countryman ‘Eki’, Doumi didn’t really have much to do this month. What did he do with all his free time, you might ask? He absolutely slaughtered the best players in Europe during the 2nd week of GWC qualifiers. Owning a perfect 25-0 record, Doumi is one of only three players in the world to win all 25 qualifying games this year. However, his performance was the most impressive in our eyes because he did it beating other top European players like ‘buranaburana‘ and ‘eskoeinari‘. The European PS4 bracket is going to be an absolute bloodbath, so it bodes well for Doumi that he’s pretty much locked up the top seed.

Tournament Results (March 2019)


11. Samuel “Canadiens” Landry

Last Month: #8

Canadiens always puts himself in a position to win tournaments but needs to continue to grind out big games if he wants to win one. With solid finishes in both NHL tournaments this month and a 1st place finish in the Week 3 Canadian PS4 GWC qualifier, he has a bit of momentum and a high seed going into the Online Play-in bracket. Watch out for him to surprise the competition once again and potentially secure his spot in the Canadian regional qualifier.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/23/2019AB Titan GamingCBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)4227th$0
03/30/2019AB Titan Gaming2019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney - Qualifier (PS4)5415th$0

12. Ryan “Bouch” Bouchard

Last Month: #10

After a big month in February where he won his 1st NHL tournament in Minnesota, Bouch took a step back in March. He failed to place in the Top 8 of both NHL tournaments and finished 12th in the 2nd Week of Canadian Xbox GWC qualifiers. He’ll have a more difficult road than he’d like to qualify for regionals, but with his amount of talent, it’s definitely not out of the question.

Tournament Results (March 2019)


13. Kristian “Kriketsi” Veijola

Last Month: #9

Kriketsi had the quietest month of anyone on this list in March. Like all Europeans, he could not take part in either of the NHL tournaments and he has yet to qualify for the NHL GWC. He’s been purposely finishing outside the Top 32 for the last three weeks to help him earn more HUT coins to help build his team. Although we can’t fault him for that, since he hasn’t actually accomplished anything this month, we simply can’t rate him that high this month.

Tournament Results (March 2019)


14. Brian “Keso_Paghuni” Donald

Last Month: #14

Keso had another average month by his standards. He finished 5th in the CBJ PS4 online qualifier, and managed 20 wins in the 2nd week of GWC online qualifiers. What makes things worse next month is that he’s got a bunch of ex-regional qualifiers ranked higher than him in his Online Play-in bracket. He’s got to go on another run similar to his epic one in the Caps esports Faceoff qualifier if he wants to earn a spot in the NHL GWC regionals this year.

Tournament Results (March 2019)

03/23/2019N/ACBJ NHL 19 Tournament - Qualifier (PS4)5325th$0

15. Henrik “eken” Eklund

Last Month: #12

Like all European players this month, we just needed to see more from Eken. His next big task is to battle through the Xbox side of the European bracket in a couple of weeks’ time. Compared to the competition on PS4, Eken just needs to avoid a matchup against other top players like ‘Eki’, ‘Hansulinho‘ and ‘Supervirta’ so he can cruise into the EU regionals that will be held in his home country.

Tournament Results (March 2019)



  • Brendan “Baky” Bak
  • Hannes “Hansulinho” Kettunen
  • Paul “Pleemaker” Arontie
  • Roni “MrNipsuli” Kajan