NHL Announces ‘House of Chel’ esports Activation

Season 2 of the NHL GWC also confirmed

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Ever since the 2018 NHL Gaming World Championships ended last June, there has been constant speculation by players and fans alike of a potential second season of the historic event.

All of that speculation can be put to rest now as the NHL confirmed that their will be another NHL Gaming World Championship happening in 2019. Pulled directly from the NHL’s press release:

The puck will drop on the much anticipated second season of the NHL Gaming World Championship in late February…

(source – NHL.com)

For now, most of the tournament details have been withheld and will be announced within a few weeks. But from what we can tell, it looks to be a similar format as last year’s. Once again, a $100,000 USD prize pool will be on the line, and there will also be three live regional qualifiers hosted for gamers living in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Stay close to the site for more information on the 2019 #NHLGWC as its announced.

In the meantime, NHL esports fans can tune in to all of the events that are currently underway, in addition to a new NHL-backed esports event know as the ‘House of Chel’.

Five gamers and two hosts will be living in a $100 million mansion in the hills of Silicon Valley. During their three-day stay (Jan. 24 to 26), they’ll be battling each other in some crazy sports and gaming competitions, hosting round-table discussions between themselves and with special guests, and hopefully making use of the ice rink and movie theater that are just two of the many extravagant amenities the estate has to offer.

It is an especially cool event for me since I’ll be one of the five gamers that will be attending. If you want to follow along with everything that happens this weekend, make sure you follow me (TDI Hockey) on social media as well as all of the other gamers and hosts that will be living with me.

The NHL will also be live-streaming some of our gaming and round-table discussions on their Twitch channel every day, so make sure you hit them with a follow and watch those.

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