Leafs Gaming League renewed for a 2nd season

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From the team that kicked off the NHL esports season last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs, in partnership with World Gaming, are rebooting their annual NHL esports activation: Leafs Gaming League S2.

Similar to last year’s event, players from the GTA will be able to compete head-to-head in a four-month-long season, with live LAN qualifying tournaments sprinkled throughout, leading up to a Grand Final LAN tournament where the LGL S2 champion will be crowned and the coveted ‘Blue Jacket’ will be awarded. If fame and fashion aren’t what you’re looking for, perhaps the $20,000 cash prize pool and 1,000,000 SCENE points (equivalent to ~800 free movies) interests you…

Players will once again be competing in a 1v1 format, using the Toronto Maple Leafs only, in Online Versus. Over the course of the season, players will play online matches and compete in LAN tournaments to earn ‘LGL points’ – explained in more detail below. The 16 players with the most LGL points across both consoles at the end of the season will qualify for the Finals.

The season will be split into three parts. Each part contains an Online Ladder where players can match up and play to earn points via World Gaming. At the end of the Online Ladder, the Top 16 players with the most LGL points on each console will qualify for the upcoming LAN tournament. It is during these LAN tournaments where players can earn the lion’s share of available LGL points.

This tournament is being hosted for the local community and is open to players in the GTA only (within 120km of the City of Toronto). Once again, World Gaming has been tasked by MLSE to administer the online portion of the league. The esports company has improved its matchmaking system this year by performing it automatically and anonymously. Last year’s online league was plagued with player-dodging, so this change should allow for a more even playing field for all players.

The Grand Finals will be played live in Toronto and will be live-streamed on the Maple Leafs Twitch channel. If you haven’t already, make sure you register for LGL S2 on World Gaming and start playing today!

Key Information

Tournament Schedule

Online Ladder 1Random MatchmakingOnlineOct. 13 to Nov. 3, 201912:00 AM (EST)
LAN Qualifier 1Round Robin + Single Elimination (Bo1)LANNov. 9, 201912:00 PM (EST)
Online Ladder 2Random MatchmakingOnlineNov. 11 to Dec. 1, 201912:00 AM (EST)
LAN Qualifier 2Round Robin + Single Elimination (Bo1)LANDec. 7, 201912:00 PM (EST)
Online Ladder 3Random MatchmakingOnlineDec. 8 to Dec. 29, 201912:00 AM (EST)
LAN Qualifier 3Round Robin + Single Elimination (Bo1)LANJan. 11, 202012:00 PM (EST)
Grand FinalsTBDLANFebruary 11, 2012012:00 PM (EST)

Tournament Prizing

1st$10,000 + 1,000,000 SCENE Points + Blue Jacket
3rd - 4th$1,250
5th - 8th$750
9th - 16th$250

Tournament Format

LGL S2 consists of a 3-month long season, 3 LAN qualifiers and a Grand Finals LAN tournament.

During each Online Ladder, players will match up against other competitors during the Online Ladder Play Windows (see NHL esports Calendar). Players must play at least five (5) games in each Online Ladder to earn the points they’ve accumulated in that Ladder. At the end of each Online Ladder, the Top 16 ranked players on each console will qualify for the respective LAN qualifier tournament.

Players in the LAN qualifiers will be split up based on the console they qualified on, and play for a spot in the 16-person bracket via round-robin. The Top 2 players with the best record in each group will move on to play in the Top 16 bracket.

The 16-player LAN brackets will be single elimination, Best-of-1 until the finals. The finals will be a Best-of-3 series to determine the LAN qualifier champion.

The Grand Finals will be another 16-player bracket, however, the exact format of the bracket and the matchups has yet to be announced.

Key Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be at least fourteen (14) years of age
  • Must be a legal resident of the province of Ontario, Canada
  • Must reside within 120km of the City of Toronto

Visit this link to view the full official tournament rules.

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