Johnwaynee90 Makes History, Signs With Caps Gaming

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NHL esports history has been made today.

John “Johnwaynee90” Casagranda has become the first professional NHL esports player to sign with an NHL team.

On the heels of announcing their new esports event for the NHL 20 season, the Washington Capitals also went public with their signing of 2019 NHL Gaming World Championship runner-up.

Johnwaynee will play under the banner of the newly-created esports division of the Washington Capitals, Caps Gaming. Although full details of the signing are under wraps, it appears that he will represent the organization in all future tournaments from now until the end June, representing the end of the unofficial NHL 20 esports season. He will also stream regularly on the Caps Gaming Twitch channel, in what appears to be a cross-promotional tactic to drive more traffic and views to the Caps Gaming channel while also growing Johnwaynee’s fan base.

Historically, professional NHL esports players have signed with esports organizations that have a broader reach than just NHL. This signing sets a new precedent in NHL esports and is the next step towards an integrated and league-supported NHL esports ecosystem. The NHL 19 season was the first time that we saw NHL teams get involved with the esport, and we are already seeing them take the next step and actually sign a player to represent them.

Look for other teams that made a heavy investment in NHL esports last year to follow suit and sign a player for the upcoming season.

More details about the Caps Gaming Showcase will be published at a later time when the official rules are published. The information that is currently available can be found here.

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