Key updates emerge regarding QC eligibility for Caps Gaming Showcase

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The announcement of the Caps Gaming Showcase two weeks ago sent the competitive NHL community into a frenzy of both excitement and resentment. The promise of a 6v6 tournament backed by an NHL team meant that the esport was breaking new ground. However, the fact that Quebecers were ineligible to participate meant that a large portion of the community would be excluded. Some figureheads of the Quebec NHL community (notably @JerDubz and @miviens) took to social media to voice their displeasure and went so far as to create a petition, gathering signatures from across the community in support of their inclusion. The movement gained a bit of steam and was even picked up by RDS, TSN’s french-language equivalent. This created an open dialogue with the Quebec Federation of Electronic Sports, who cited no regulations that should hinder Quebecers’ participation in the Caps Gaming Showcase.

After taking some time to mull things over, Caps Gaming has officially rewritten their tournament rules to allow players living in Quebec to participate in the tournament.

This should now set a precedent in the industry, and we should expect to see more and more esports tournaments allow the province of Quebec and its residents to participate going forward.

Aside from this major breakthrough, the full ruleset has also been released and registration for the tournament is officially open. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis, where the first 96 teams to register will compete.

Register your team for the Caps Gaming Showcase here.

For full details about the Caps Gaming Showcase, head over to the official event post.

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